Instrumentation Technician:

Educational background: Technical Diploma with a minimum of 1 year and above experience in the same field.

Technical Skills:

1. Good knowledge of Electrical /Instrumentation/ Control equipment including calibration.

2. Adequate knowledge of production systems

3. Review fault reports and carry out detailed, component level test and repair work in the workshop. Ability to read Electrical drawings.

4. Changing and replacing components such as resistors, transistors, capacitors, diodes, integrated circuits and relays, front panel and switches.

5. Ensure workshop equipment calibrations. Include generators (power, function & pulse), oscilloscopes, multi-meters, mili-ampere source, mili-volt source, pneumatic and hydraulic calibrators and DCS operating system.

6. Ensure implementation of all the safety & quality rules.

7. Ability of working under pressure, dependability and problem solving.

Important Notes:

1. Work location: At the Plant - Al Karak Province

2. Transportation: Covered to the most areas, Amman, Al Tafieleh and Al Karak.

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