Mining Engineer:

Educational background: Degree in a Mining Engineering from a reputed university, with 3 - 5 years’ experience in the same field.He should be able to work at mining locations.

Technical skills:

1. Prepare detailed studies and short-term plan for existing quarries to cover annual production budgeted raw materials quantities.

2. Execute the quarry plan and undertake prospecting for raw material. Supervise surveying, drilling and sampling programs for active quarries. Update the existing quarries map and re-calculate raw materials lifetime and submit necessary report to Mining Manager.

3. Examine rocks, minerals and fossil remains to identify and determine litho-logical sequence, chemical properties that affecting of existing quarries.

4. Correlate analysis for core samples with the raw material and establish the useable reserves for future planning

5. Delineate dolomite and other waste materials occurring in quarry and coordinate with extraction sub-section for removal of these waste materials.

6. Responsible for the compatibility between the quality and quantities as per stockpile design and capacity.

Additional required job skills:

1. Ability to prepare mining maps.

2. Excellent knowledge of Auto Cad Program

3. Excellent ability to read geological maps

4. Excellent ability to read topographical maps.

5. Knowledge of heavy vehicles maintenance

Important Notes:

1. Work location: At the Plant - Al Karak Province

2. Transportation: Covered to the most areas, Amman, Al Tafieleh and Al Karak.






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