Mechanical Technician:

Educational background: Technical diploma from a reputed college with five (5) years’ experience in the Cement field. He should be able to work at the mechanical maintenance workshops locations.

Technical skills:

1. Perform mechanical maintenance works of different types of valves, bearings, cylinders, pumps, including all related dismantling, installation, lubrication and control works.

2. Perform mechanical maintenance works for mechanical instruments, machines, i.e. Raw Materials Mill, Kiln Mill, Cement Packing Mill and its instruments

3. Perform mechanical maintenance works for gearboxes, crushers, pumps, compressors.

4. Perform mechanical maintenance for all types of mechanical conveyers belt including all related dismantling, installation, lubrication

5. Repair and maintain diesel or crude oil, repair of crude oil pumps, and perform leakage detection tests.

6. Perform strict alignment among different rotating installations within the factory including dismantling, installation and leveling works.

7. Maintain cleanliness and safety of equipment in work site and ensure they are in good operational condition.

8. Observe safety measures and personal protection measures against possible hazards.

Additional required job skills:

· Excellent knowledge on mechanical maintenance preferred on Cement Industry

· Excellent knowledge on hydraulic & air systems

· Knowledge on welding processes

· Knowledge on types of minerals

· Ability working under pressure

· Fair knowledge on English language

Important Notes:

1. Work location: At the Plant - Al Karak Province

2. Transportation: Covered to the most areas, Amman, Al Tafieleh and Al Karak.

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